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Monday, February 8, 2010


Hah. Benny-fied. Nice nice sentence huh.

Just came back from fs training, it was super progressive lol. For once we finished the whole dumb thing. Took long but ohwell, it was worth it haha.

Ohwell, class is pretty fun now, moved to the back, but hey, behind = party . We chiong-ed sweets and snacks and everything , SHIOK.

Have the best people sitting beside me, got Shuojian, Qianyan, Sherynn, Nicholas, Qingyi, Samuel, Kenzo and of course, Me! Kk, no more bhb-ness.

Booooomzxc, off to do more stuff, Boooooooooooooooooooomzxczxczxc.


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Friday, January 22, 2010


Hehe, just came back from training + dinner . Hehe.

Okay, that was kind of a stupid introduction. Ohwell, school was not bad afterall, changed to the back of the class, super shiok. Now i got something to lie on. Hehe.

Apparently, I really hated fridays with flag raising, so I told Shuojian, "let it rain let it rain let it rain. Comeon, rain rain! "

He then said, " Siao ah, you think you wan rain then rain will come meh ._."

Then we both laughed. Haha. Okayokay.

Miraculous thing? It was just before we were supposed to fall it with beret on, and the high-pitched-ear-hurting siren came on. Lightning Rain Alert, Yays!

Training wasn't bad, just that some hopeless things happened to some genius, and ohwell, geniuses aren't meant to be mentioned about.

Drills, Drills, and freestyle! Fs was a pain, starting was because we couldn't get the moves right, more to say, I couldn't get it right,argh, swell.

Then the grass-cutter came, and cut-ted the grass, and it was super noisy, poor eddie had to shout like crazy. Sad =(

Then GG, end of training. Feroz tore my dustcover =.=

Then was RC's A&A, IDK what in the world does that stand for, but ohwell, its nice to just be a spectator.

Went opposite with usual peeps for dinnnner, and many many many things happened. Those who went knew uh. Hehe. Clue --->


K, I didn't make it obvious, I can't say Eddie Fan Club, or i'm screwed by eddie.



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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Open House!

Hehe, just figured I didn't post for velly very velly long. Hehe.

Had many trainings for the past week, I didn't skip even one. So Guai right. Btw for people who don't understand chinese, guai refers to obeidient. Argh, I can't get my spelling correct.

Kks, no more crap, school re-opened.

Teachers for the year :

Chinese: Mr liuzhenbo. Freak, his accent so tokkong, and he's super sarcastic. Best part is? Xincong oso in his chinese class. Chinese accent + chinese accent = GG.

Maths: Mdm Karen Teng. Strict genius, crazy crazy 1, give extension only give till 5pm, might as well not give right ==. Better don't let her see this, later really never give me only. But her teaching oso very tokkong.

Chem: Ms Low. Aizai, she teach chem idk why every1 laughing -.-

Physics: Mr LeeTS: Aizai oso, he teach physics every1 sleeping .___.

Biology: Jrama . Idk is what initials, only know its an indian lady. Apparently a guy came in on the first lesson and introduced himself as Jrama, we all chuadio, then he say that he not Jrama but a teacher that help her take over cuz for some reasons which I had apparently forgotten and did not want to know anyway. Great, just wasted 1 min of ur life, read on to continue wasting some more ! =)

History: Mr GohLH: Yay, Ah Hock's teaching history again for 3/2. This = to more comp lab time and more answer feeding =). Hope he this year oso will feed feed abit ah! =D

PE: Mr LianCS: Joke, he come in and talk crap. He's really very very random, he can talk about Napfa, then suddenly ask the class who last time come from Marymount Convent, then say his daughter oso inside, then say the principle oso talk crap -.-

English: Mrs Mwee: Not bad lah, except that first week tell us do compo alrdy =(. At least she has a sense of humour!

Kk, no more teachers, now for todays CCA open house.

Apparently I was incharge for the gun,rifle and pds section. I discovered today, that I have a magnificent talent for lieing, cheating people, and scamming people. Next time if I no more job, I can really go scam for a living. (LC tell me de -.-). Why leh? I tell you, I scammed at least 20 people today.

1) Since I was at the rifles section, I was incharge of laser M16's. The laser is in pathetic condition man. Shoot alrdy nothing come out. But there's still 1 more with laser, but oso going to spoil le. Let me play more, I confirm next year no more working laser M16's LOL. >.<

2) There were 3 targets, supposed to take the M16 shoot at it. Supposed to have laser, supposed to be able to shoot the target, supposed to see the laser on the figure. But, GG, the sunlight so strong, the laser is also very pathetic, cannot even see anything -.-

3) This is where I discovered my scamming talent. I tell them see carefully and press, then ask them if they can see the laser.

4) I thought they would be smart and say 'No, got laser meh, mai bluff lah, scold you then you no.' However, they weren't that smart afterall and 19-out-of-20 replies were, 'Yah, got the laser leh omg!'

5) GG, they kena bluff alrdy -.-.

6) However, there are some smartie-pants that keep saying no laser, no matter how persuasive I was. Then I use ulti liao. Mega Scam.

7) I fake fake, ask him press the trigger and hold, while I move the gun to the 'correct' spot.

8) Then they oso kena scammed alrdy, and said 'Yah, got the laser leh omg!'

9) Out of 20, only 1 genius realised there was no laser at all, and thought I was cheating him, lucky the working laser gun had a laser, so I managed to get away with 'the-sun-is-too-bright' excuse, and off he went.

10) Perfect 9 steps for scamming, copyright-ed. Hehe.

Then after that, debrief, Nco's, senior's, CLT's asked how many people we think we managed to pull for signup. They said was a lucky nice number, so Sat said 222. Apparently they dint hear her, then I sit first row, I said 222. And I won. xD

But as a nice nice nice guy, I gave the drink to sat, cuz is she win de . LOL

Kks, very long post here, offff I go . LOL! Cya xD

Oh yes, Btw,


You are officially the oldest person in 3/2'10, congratulations!


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Friday, December 18, 2009


Extremely hyper now, idk why too.

Went to Suntec for movies on wednesday, the cinema is really cold k, and i never bring jacket -.-

Then, ytd, went to east coast with UG-ians (wow), only cycle, sian -.-

Next time go beach should go play water mah, or not why called beach . Hehe, but ohwell, it was fun, seowmeng and nicole took the double bike, thought they would gg, but they didn't. Hehe, i know i velly evil .__________________________________________________.

Hehe, ciaooo, off to sleep -.-



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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Holidays aren't like holidays are they?

Booked this week, except Thursday, the only day where I am FREE.

Monday and Tuesday was silver wing, omg, only 1 word to describe it, BORING. Listen to lectures like idk what, but the chairs over there super shiok, aircon more shiok xD. Slept half of the things on the first day, not surprised, many people slept too, only see how long. I'll bet I slept the longest though, its really boring =(

Tuesday was the test, pretty common sense, lecturers also gave answers --.

Wednesday was pds, and gosh, it lasted for 6 hours, hand pain leg pain everywhere pain -.-

Today is free and easy, YAY!


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Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Results all out, pretty satisfied with this years fye, better than what i had expected.
Chio-est thing is, I didn't study till the exam started =D

English-----65/100 (B3) :D
Chinese-----62/100 (B4) :)
Maths-----78/100 (A1) :D
Literature-----66/100 (B3) :D
F&N-----72.5/100 (A2) :)
Science-----70/100 (A2) :D
History-----70/100 (A2) :D
Geography-----68/100 (B3) :)

L1R4 for eoys --- 10 :D
L1R5 for eoys --- 13 :D

First time got some nice results, :D


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Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Oh, cool, exams are officially over, and the days of playing is finally in town.

This 2 days were omigosh, had to take a rest from all that mug mug mugging of studies, hope i pass them all, and i want at least a B leh, don't liddat.

Went to Kbox today with Qianyan, Edward, Baosheng, Bjorn, Zhaowei and Annette even though she left early, even before starting to sing.

Damn fun, apparently we thought there was a pool table inside, but hey, it does have one, if you are willing to pay $1350. When we heard the sum, we all had the 'wow?' face, it was like, why pay 1k+ for a pool table when you cant bring it home, when you can just buy 1 for that sum of $$ and dump it at home. Crazy luh they, i bet their pool tables are resting in the storeroom feeding dust ==.

Sang, sang and sang till 4+, when the guy chased us away politely, very cool seh.

Went to play basketball, then home-d.

Some really, really, really overdue-d pictures.

Guess where I saw this :D

Trust me, you can see it in the picture, its really obvious.

And, its an exact replica model of the Mclaren Mercedes F1 car that you see Louis Hamilton driving it, still got seat belt.

The tyres are also from Bridgestone. :D



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